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Student Account Refunds

UMHB has partnered with BankMobile Disbursements to give you multiple convenient ways to receive your refund. This includes financial aid refunds, bookstore returns, CruCash refunds, overpayments, or dropped class refunds. UMHB and BankMobile are committed to delivering great customer service and providing you with clear choices - as well as quick, easy and secure access to your money. Make your choice today!

Look in your Mailbox for the bright green envelope!


When the refund selection kit arrives:

  1. Visit RefundSelection.com 
  2. Enter your unique Personal Code
  3. Select how you'd like to receive your refund
  4. Complete your profile

Your refund choices include the following options:

  • Electronic deposit to your existing bank account
  • Electronic deposit to an opened BankMobile Vibe Account
  • Paper check delivered by the US Postal Service. 
Remember, even if you are not currently expecting a refund, UMHB may have refund money for you in the future, so don't wait! Complete your preference now and avoid delays. 


What do I need to do?

Make sure UMHB has your current mailing address, no matter which option you choose. 

  1. Visit or Email the Registrar's office, or Log into MyCampus. 
  2. In MyCampus, click on the MyAccount tab. 
  3. In the right-hand column, under Information Update / Parking Permit select Personal Information.
  4. Update your address information as needed and submit.  Please allow 3-5 business days for this process to complete your updates.
  5. You only need to register one time - updates to your personal information or changing your preference may be completed at any time after registration.


Who is BankMobile Disbursements?
Established in 2014, BankMobile Disbursements is a division of Customers Bank. Customers Bank is well-informed about our current business processes and campus needs. 
How are refunds from UMHB delivered to students?
Once your refund preference is selected, funds are sent from UMHB to BankMobile who then disburses the refund according to your selection.
How do I get my Personal Code?
UMHB students will receive a Refund Selection Kit from BankMobile in the mail at their primary address on file with UMHB. Check your current address on file by logging into MyCampus, My Account page. BankMobile may have also sent you an email with your personal code. You may use the code in the email instead of waiting for the green packet to arrive. Visit RefundSelection.com for more information or to track your packet. 
I don't think I will ever get a refund.  Why is it important to select a refund preference?
Although you may not currently expect a refund from UMHB, we may have a refund for you in the future. It may be necessary to drop a class, a class may be cancelled, or you may simply receive a scholarship or assistance you were not anticipating. Selecting your refund preference to receive refunds from UMHB ensures you will always receive your refunds your way and in a timely manner. 
What are my options for receiving financial aid or other refunds?
  • Electronic deposit to an existing bank account (refunds available in 2-3 business days)
  • Electronic deposit to a BankMobile Vibe account (refunds available the same day UMHB releases the funds)
  • Paper check by mail (refunds typically received within 5-7 days depending on USPS First Class delivery timeframes.)
What is the BankMobile Vibe Account?
The BankMobile Vibe Account is a fully functioning FDIC Insured checking account with no minimum balance, no monthly fees and offers other benefits such as:
  • Free access at all Allpoint ATMs
  • Free checks
  • No NSF/overdraft fees
  • Free card on/off switch
  • The ability to make purchases anywhere Debit MastercardĀ® is accepted. 
Banking services provided by Customers Bank, Member FDIC. The BankMobile Vibe account is issued by Customers Bank pursuant to license from MasterCard International Incorporated. The card is administered by BankMobile. Note: The BankMobile Vibe Account is a checking account and standard banking fees will be applied when applicable. Please review the BankMobile Fee Schedules for a complete list of all applicable banking fees. 

How will I know when a refund has been electronically deposited to the BankMobile Vibe account?
BankMobile will send an email to the address you entered during the set up of your account. You can also view the details of your account at RefundSelection.com or by signing up to receive text messages sent directly to your cell phone with Mobile Alerts. 
Where is the nearest BankMobile Allpoint ATM?
Click here to find the nearest BankMobile Allpoint ATM

 Have additional questions?

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